NOREB is involved in the strengthening of governance frameworks and the facilitatation of social progression through standardized provision of key services for effeciency and effectiveness. The  bloc has created a forum of political leaders and professional groups in order to drive converations towards contributing to improved governance and socio-economic development.

Towards creating peace and harmony in the region, NOREB is embracing traditional conflict resolution mechanisms which leverages on knowledge and strategies that have sustained good neighborliness over the generations. The bloc is also well positioned to coordinate all efforts by various peace actors and stakeholders, a task it is ready to deliver on.

We have also created mechanisms to support arts, culture and sports talent development as well as the necessary periodic legislative initiatives to facilitate the achievement of desired socioeconomic results in the region.

In addition, NOREB will initiate and implement integrated cultural conservation programs as we seek to include cultural tourism as a key item region’s tourism portfolio.